Party Perfect Dresses from Femme Luxe

Who said January is not a party month? Who said winter is not a party season? Right, nobody ever said that. So why not put that stunning party dress that you've been putting aside for quite a long time now and not go and continue celebrating this beautiful year? Yes, I do believe this year is going to be beautiful... for all of us. Just to say, for me it started with some interesting, good and at times new stuff. 

But, well, let's go back to party dresses. I mean perfect party dresses. Where would I recommend you to search for one? At Femme Luxe, for sure. The brand has quite a lot of stunning women's dresses (oops, I think I already mentioned it before). The brand has lots of feminine, sexy, hot, elegant, body hugging options that will go for an evening out. 

Dress number one is all about elegance and femininity. First of all, it's in midi-length. Secondly, it has a nice curves hugging shape. Plus it has only one sleeve and this asymmetry only adds a twist. I paired it with platform sandals and a couple of fine jewellery - customized bangles. 

Dress number two is a completely different story. It's hot, it's provocative. First of all, it's in super mini-length. Secondly, it has a snake print - a pretty trending one at the moment. And, finally, it's of PU material. Let's be honest, this dress speaks for itself. I paired it with trending transparent heels so as not to out shadow the dress. 

Look 1:
Ami Clubwear sandals

Look 2:
Hidden heels

Photo: T. Egorova

How to Style Knitted Dresses in Winter

How do you feel about knitted dresses when it's a deep winter outside the window? Do you leave it, I mean your favourite or a pretty new cute dress, for better days or you are still brave enough to battle the cold? Well, I believe that winter is not an excuse to avoid wearing knitted dresses. Pay attention, I'm not talking here about chiffon or other light ones. Today I'm concentrating exclusively on knits. 

Therefore, to be able to talk about this topic I created two different yet at some point similar outfits. To sort of picture my examples. Have to mention that both dresses were found at Femme Luxe, also the brand has many other interesting options (read 'not only knitted dresses'). So I highly recommend you to go and check their range... of course straight after you finish reading this story.  

Look number one is all about a colourful piece. I mean dress of course. Have to be honest at this point, only after trying this dress on I realized that mustard shade suits me (should probably point out this color for myself for future). So, the coolest, and best, way to style such a dress is to pair it, first of all, with interesting tights. I went for a very popular polka dot pattern. Also don't forget to warm up, a good vintage fur can be an option... especially if it's super oversized. The outcome - luxurious and fashionable outfit at the same time. 

Look number two is about more casual option of a knitted dress. White and in midi length (also, maybe it's important to mention that it's of ribbed texture). So here a colourful fur can go well. Of course faux fur one. Pay attention, that the fur isn't way too short, comparing to the dress, as a pretty serious difference in length won't look good enough. What about a bag? I went for a piece that matches all the outfit elements in terms of colours - burgundy, white and black. Also, thanks to the color match and the print the bag does bring the outfit to a new level. The outcome - stylish and warm outfit at the same time. 

Look 1:
vintage fur
Gamiss boots

Look 2:
vintage faux fur coat
Zaful boots

Photo: T. Egorova

Modern Minimalism

With some print-much touch.

It's not a secret that I do like practicality and simplicity in terms of clothing. Therefore, it's not a surprise that something minimalistic does suit my wardrobe direction. To say that I'm a fan of minimalism? I wouldn't dare. But if I had to choose between too much stuff in an outfit or a more minimalistic approach, I would definitely go for the second option. I think the 'less is more' strategy really does fit here.

Speaking of COS brand, I've already come across it few years ago - in stories like Not So Blurred Lines and Falling for Bordeaux. It was my first experience with the brand and it was sort of a discovery for me that something so simple fits me. Maybe it was actually that starting point when my style turned towards a simple, practical direction. Years later we still see COS going its minimalistic path - like in a story Post Post with COS or today's one.

When it comes to this outfit, I wanted it to be as simple as possible. And also I wanted this set to be the centre of this fashion combination. I like this quirky print, it adds a twist to this skirt co-ord. Now I know, I know the outfit is not very winter appropriate... I guess I'm just already looking forward for spring and those days when one can easily wear high heels outdoors. To say that I'm tired of winter? No, no way. I do enjoy this season. Just like all the other ones.

Gamiss heels

Photo: T. Egorova

Post Post with COS

Welcome to 2019!

Greetings from a very fresh, new year! A chapter number 2019 is up now, what else should I say? So how was your Holiday season, pumpkinitos? I hope you all had some great time. I, for example, went to Amsterdam for Christmas and have to say it was a totally fun and interesting experience. Especially due to the weather that seemed more like Latvian Autumn or even early Spring. Though, I was extremely happy to come back home and see a lot of snow. For me a festive season is always about proper snowy atmosphere.

Speaking of my Holiday season preferences, in terms of style in first place, this time I went for pant suit kind of combinations. My New Year's Eve look was pretty similar to this very COS combination. By the way, speaking of this COS co-ord I have to point out that I made it myself. I mean the blouse, that seem to be more of a shirt-dress, and pants were not an original mix. I decided to pair the two to achieve a minimalistic and Eastern-much combination at the same time. A shiny choker just added a festive touch to this outfit, do you agree?


Photo: T. Egorova

Vlog #3: Polhem PR Latvia showroom, Anita Sondore presentation, COS pieces and shoot

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Perfect Holiday Season Dress

An LBD with a twist.
Here we go, right in the middle of a holiday season I would say. Christmas is almost over and we are on the highway to the New Year Eve's party! Are you excited? I am. I literally can't wait for the NYE as it's one of my favorite celebrations throughout the year. Even though I'm not a child anymore, there's still something magical about that night. And how do you feel about it? 

So, the holiday season is a time for dressing up. Some of us spend days or even weeks planning out their festive outfits. But what if you are a last minute lady? What can you get in this case? I would recommend something simple. Just like this little black dress from Arzu Kara. It's super simple on one hand, yet with a twist on the other hand. In general, I would recommend you to look into Arzu Kara's range as the brand has quite a number of dresses that can go for a holiday season and beyond.

Speaking of this LBD, it perfectly matches the idea. First of all, it can be mixed with rose gold sandals and go perfect for a Christmas of NYE celebrations. Secondly, it can go perfect for an event or a ballet evening. I already tried it and it made such a good combination with over the knee boots and Stuudio Nahk bag. So I would also add that this Arzu Kara LBD is about practicality. A perfect investment, isn't it?

Look of the Day:
Ami Clubwear sandals (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova

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Elegance by Arzu Kara

Of course, #madeinEngland.
This year has been fruitful on discoveries and new experiences. And December is not an exception. So one of my latest, and pretty interesting, discoveries is a British designer brand called Arzu Kara. The brand from a beautiful city of Henley-on-Thames. Okay, I've never been to this town but the pictures show it this way - small buildings, English architecture and cute streets. Now should I put it on my travel list now?

So, Arzu Kara. If you look into the brand's product range, you'll notice a lot of simple yet super elegant pieces. Pieces that will fit every single occasion of a modern females life. What I like about this brand is that Arzu Kara empowers women. And as we all know, empowered women empower women. It's total true. 

Now let's talk about this jersey dress with some lace-y details. I, personally, adore how simple and at the same time elegant the dress is. And, of course, the deep green shade just adds to this fashion game. I would say that the dress is perfect for a theater, an elegant event or a Friday dinner out. In other words, for some simple yet public-much occasion. Because this dress is made to be shown off.

Look of the Day:
Gamiss heels (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova

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