What about a Red Dress?

Lately I've been talking pretty much about my colour preferences for this Autumn. What about red colour? Yes, I haven't talked much about it so far. And I wouldn't name it among my top favourites. Though, it's one of the colours I'm going to be using this season, and, maybe, quite often.

But I still can't say that I feel these powerful vibes of the colour for all 100%. But this dress... Yes, it made me feel powerful. It made me feel super strong. And, well, it's a good option if you are still about to catch those last Summer echos.

Look of the Day:
Hidden heels

Photo: T. Egorova

Coffee with Cream Vibes

Do you remember the Party Perfect Dresses from Femme Luxe story from mid-January? Yes, the dark brown dress is exactly the same one as today's dress. Now you might have a question - what's the point in getting the same dress but in a bit different shade? 

And my answer is pretty simple... I really liked, and still do, the dress style itself. As you know, brown and beige colours, and its shades, are among my favourites. So I couldn't resist this coffee with cream kind of shade. 

Look of the Day:
Ami Clubwear sandals

Photo: T. Egorova


In need to emphasise your Summer tan? Then use the bronzer trick - a trend of Fall/Winter 2019 season. Or you can also use bronzer instead of blush, why not? 

Best Beauty-inspiration come from Isabel Marant and Prabal Gurung. While some good products can be found in the new PQAP-selection...

Image Courtesy: Vogue Runway

Trend Report | Ruffles

Looking for ways to add some sensual vibes to your Fall/Winter 2019 wardrobe? The ruffles are here to help you. Like what can match better with both floral prints and leather textures? Right, only ruffles. 

Best inspirations of the trend can be found at Rodarte, Valentino and Mary Katrantzou. Well, don't forget to also check this new PQAP-selection...

Image Courtesy: Vogue Runway

My Obsession with Deep Blue Colour

Remember me talking about my colour preferences during the transition period, deep blue colour obsession and latest love for one-colour outfits in one of my previous stories? Here we go again with these three topics. Though, in a bit different variation. This time it's about denim on denim kind of trick, and trend of the season. 

If I'm to speak about the outfit in general, then it's important to outline that I wanted it to be a sort of retro. You know, with these old school vibes. How I achieved this retro feeling? Simply by mixing flare jeans and old school-ed glasses. Another trick I like in this total deep blue combination - white heels. It does come as a final twist of the look. 

Look of the Day:
Tommy Hilfiger jacket
Gamiss heels
Mohito bag
H&M glasses

Photo: T. Egorova

Last Bits of Summer

Frankly speaking, I don't even want to support this series of images with a text... To say that I regret Summer's over? It's not true. For me, it was more than enough of Summer. And last weeks I've really been looking forward for September to arrive... When it comes to season changes, I guess, I'm more into anticipation of every new season. And every next month is better than the previous one... 

Photo: Viktorija Punegova

Middle Part

Looking for ways to style your hair this Fall/Winter 2019 season? Then try a middle part. It's so classy and so 70's. You'll definitely fall in love with it. 

For a good dose of inspiration turn to Rochas. And search for some good products in this PQAP-selection...

Image Courtesy: Vogue Runway

Trend Report | Culottes

Culottes are back in the game this Fall/Winter 2019 season. Back did they even leave the game? That's a good question. But let's focus on the fact that this season culottes come in a variety of fabrics, colours and also patterns. 

In search for inspiration turn to Celine and Miu Miu. And, of course, don't forget about new PQAP-selection with best online options!

Image Courtesy: Vogue Runway

Trousers or Skirt?

One of my favourite colours during the transition period and in the upcoming Autumn? It's deep blue, for sure. Now I liked this shade of blue before, but this time my passion for it has gone a bit further. As it is seen in this outfit. Can we say that I'm sort of obsessed with almost total deep blue outfits? Yes, looks like. But I'm into total one-colour outfits in general, just wait for Autumn for it...

Now, speaking of today's outfit, I surely need to throw into few words about the bottom part of the outfit - the culottes. Or, simply, trousers that due to interesting design look like a midi skirt from the first sight. I really loved this trick, when I saw it in one of my favourite local vintage shops. Can't wait for colder days in September to style these culottes in even more interesting ways!

Look of the Day:
Reserved top
vintage culottes
Reserved sandals
Mohito bag

Photo: T. Egorova