Mustard Shade Dress

Looks like this Summer I'm trying dresses in absolutely different colours. We have already seen me wearing something usual, like black or white. Also, we have seen me experimenting with the shade of pink few weeks ago. Now it's time for the mustard shade. Will be honest, am still not sure how I feel regarding this mix of yellow and orange colour, but it seem to fit me. Do you agree?

Speaking of the outfit itself, here I wanted to create something elegant and feminine. That's why we have these low-heel heels with bows and a matching headband here. A little trick that I used in this outfit is the fact I pulled sleeves of the dress down to create an off-shoulder effect. I believe it added even more feminine and sensual vibes to the whole look. 

Look of the Day:
Zara heels
Stradivarius headband

Photo: T. Egorova

Magic of Lithuania

Another week, another travel story. This time we'll go beyond my beloved #TourdeLatvia series as it will be all about a magical place that I discovered in beautiful Lithuania. Yes, the neighbour-country also has a lot of interesting gems. For example, this U┼żutrakis manor that used to belong to Tyszkiewicz family. 

The manor was built between the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th centuries. And, have to say, this place still has the feeling of those great times, even though it has been renovated. Now I really regret not taking a cute gown with me as it's a cool place for photo shoots. Needless to say that it's also a perfect place to observe the Trakai castle?

Veczemju Cliffs

Now it's been really long since my last travel story out here, on the blog. Two years, if I'm correct. Well, the good news is that I'm back with few travel stories, and lots of inspiration. You know how I love doing my #tourdeLatvia series, so here's another one - from a place that happened to be a big discovery for me. 

Are you looking for a picture perfect location in Latvia? Then Veczemju cliffs are just made for you. It's a place full of energy, history, nature and, of course, inspiration. It's unbelievable how such gems can be hidden across this little Eastern European country. 

Photo: T. Egorova

Black Satin

What a perfect Summer evening out outfit looks like? Well, in my opinion, such an outfit requires both feminine and masculine vibes. Why? Because it looks cool in first place. Plus masculine vibes make the look less polished, so it doesn't seem that you've really been preparing for such occasion.

In case with this outfit, it's the men's blazer that adds this last, less polished touch to the outfit. And if we step aside from masculine vibes, it's of course the satin bodycon dress that's the main element of this look. Satin is very sensual and it's definitely perfect for an evening out. Which length to prefer with such a dress? Well, it's up to you as it can vary from mini to midi and even maxi... 

Look of the Day:
vintage blazer
Reserved sandals
H&M earrings
H&M rings

Photo: T. Egorova

Trousers with a Twist

How could a fashionable nerd look like? Just like this. In my opinion, this outfit doesn't look boring with such retro style glasses. I remember my father wearing such style back in the 90-s and I found them really cool, so when I saw this piece I took it immediately. I just knew such glasses can add that nerd-ish feeling to many of my looks...

Speaking of the outfit, let's pay some attention to the main part of it - trousers with splits. I think this twist brings the trousers to new heights. Plus such splits put even more emphasis on shoe area, in this case classy white heels. And again, it's the pants that add modernity and edgy-ness to this retro-much look.

Look of the Day:
Gamiss jacket
Mango t-shirt
Gamiss heels
Mango bag
H&M glasses

Photo: T. Egorova

Summer Perfect Set

Long time no sets, right? So, the question of the day is - are such loungewear sets perfect for Summer season? In my opinion, it has all the rights to be in our Summer wardrobes. Why? Because it suits these chilly days, when it's not super hot and you can wear something super simple.

That's the situation that happened in my case. It was one of those rare, lately, chilly days in mid-June and I was pretty much in the mood for something super casual and comfortable. That's why I decided to mix the set with slippers and crossbody bag. Why everything here is so restrained in terms of colours? It just happened. Probably, it was my mood.

Look of the Day:
H&M slippers 
Paul's Boutique bag

Photo: T. Egorova

Mom Jeans

Jeans for Summer - yay o nay? That's the good question. I like denim, especially during Summer season, and primarily my story with this fabric is all about white jeans and denim jackets. What I would recommend in terms of jeans for Summer is to opt for some interesting styles, like mom jeans, and for sure avoid skinny styles. 

Mom jeans are all about comfort yet femininity. Plus what can be better than pure 90-ies vibes, right? Getting such style jeans with ripped effect can also be a good and practical idea - an additional air circulation never killed nobody, huh. What I like about this outfit is comfort in first place that is translated by means of jeans and mid-heel sandals. And, of course, the overall edginess of the look. Pure babe of the 1990-s.

Look of the Day:
Femme Luxe top
Mohito sandals 
Stradivarius headband
Pandora bracelet
Nomination bracelet
Stuudio Nahk bag

Photo: T. Egorova

White Shirt Dress for Summer

One of the best pieces for Summer? Well, it's sure a dress shirt. Or simply a dress that visually imitates such a piece. Like this very dress. The length and overall style is up to you, but it's quite important for such a dress to be comfortable and of fabric that won't make you sweat like crazy. So pay attention to these two points.

By the way, have to mention that this dress originally had a belt, but it was in marching color and fabric and I didn't like it that much. So I decided to replace it with such a wide option, which is sort of a must this summer. I like the fact that the belt stands out from the overall white picture, in my opinion it only adds more emphasis to the waist area, which in turn is brought higher in this outfit. Overall, a pretty summer city appropriate outfit, don't you think?

Look of the Day:
Mango belt sandals
Zaful shades

Photo: T. Egorova

Baby Doll Style

I don't talk about different kind of styles out here often enough and maybe it's high time to change this thing? And today it's all about baby doll style. What is this style about? It's about being like a doll, looking quite girly and infantile and, well, fairytale-ish much. Most often baby doll style dresses are about over-the-knee length and higher-than-usual waist.

But, this very dress is not about a high waist. On the contrary, it has a dropped one. So does it stop the dress from being baby doll-ish? Not at all. It's still the overall vibes that make it look doll-ish. Plus, it's the combination with these vintage heels that make the whole look more girly and sweet. And, of course, it's the combination of colours. 

Look of the Day:
vintage heels
Dior sunglasses

Photo: T. Egorova