Inspiration | Must-have Shoes for Spring 2019

It's February o'clock. And it means that it's perfect time to start forming our Spring wardrobes. What's one of the most important details within one's outfit, or look? Right, shoes. So let's look into a set of shoes, or better say boots, I would highly recommend you to get for Spring 2019. 

Low-heel ankle boots - a perfect option for everyday. And a good replacement for biker boots. Low-heel can go in different styles and colours. But I personally will go for simple black ones. 

Snake skin - one of the most popular prints in fashion in 2018 and 2019. Snake skin boots are an ultimate must-have for a real fashionista. 

Over-the-knee - always a good idea. This boots can go both, with heel or without it. Also it can go in different styles, fabrics and patterns. 

Nude boots - as it still might be quite cold for perspex heels, the nude coloured boots are a good idea if you want to have invisible sort of shoes. 

Lace-up boots - this kind of boots is still strong. And it can go in different styles, in terms of heel height and width in first place. 

Painting February Bright Yellow

How about adding bright colours to winter season? Don't know how it is in your countries, but in Latvia winter is usually painted in dark colours, like black, various shades of grey and so on. Actually, back in December I was looking for a good white puffer jacket, though I ended up with a black one. I believe I couldn't beat the system that time. But I think I am going to do it with today's story and this very summer-much outfit

And, yes, today's story is definitely kicking Latvian winter's ass. Despite the fact if it's snowing outside or raining. The yellow COS dress is like a vitamin dose. And we all have vitamins shortage during winter. I like the fact that the dress is pretty opened and summer-y on one hand and quite elegant on the other one. Perspex heels? Just a perfect pair of shoes to beat the system. Don't you think?

Hidden heels

Photo: T. Egorova

Tissura. From Russia With Style
Love this gold sequins

Russian fashion is currently on  the rise. With many fashion designers and brands conquering the international attention, fashionistas and influencers stealing the spotlight it is hard not to pay attention to Russia and its fashion. 

But how about Russia's textile industry? We still don't seem to talk much about it. Let's today take a look at one of the main representatives of this niche - Tissura. Tissura is a global network of fabric stores and showrooms in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In fact, this brand has been inside this business for about 20 years. 

What do they offer? Exclusive high fashion and couture fabrics, as well as trimmings and accessories of premium quality. In Tissura range you can find fabrics used by such well-known brands as Chanel, Dolce&Gabbana, Christian Dior, Gucci and other big names. So if you are aiming to step in one line with such fashion brands, then pay attention to Tissura and their offering. You sure won't regret such an investment. 

Speaking more of Tissura fabrics, I would like to outline the category I liked the most. It's the sequin fabrics. Lately I've been really obsessed with sequined garments, so I ordered myself few items from one pretty cool fashion store (it's the topic for another story thought).

At this point I regret not being a fashion designer so I could use some of Tissura's sequin embroidery fabrics. My favourite ones include sequined chiffon in light blue shade, sequin and bead embroidered tulle both in green and gold shades, as well as embroidered sequined rabbit skin fabric in gold. You can browse through their whole sequin-much range on this page

What adds to Tissura's niche competence is the fact the team keeps attending Premiere Vision. Those who are professionals in the fashion industry know it's the leading international exhibition worth visiting...

Beautiful flower print

Never Enough of Leopard Print

Have been blogging quite a lot recently. And have to say, I actually missed writing that much. Over the past year I seemed to minimize the number of my posts, both per week and per month, but am thinking of going back to more stories. At least, that is one of my aims in terms of blogging this year. And am super happy to start this year with quite a fruitful month. It's quite a good sign as for me. 

So today. Today the story is all about animal print. The leopard one, to be more precise. In general, I can say that my wardrobe can't deal without animal print. If you remember, last year it was all about snake print in terms of my outfits. And, I believe, that this year I'll still follow this direction. But, at a certain point I realized I started missing the leopard print. Haven't been using it quite much lately, but this blouse, I suppose, is going to change this situation. 

I like the fact that this Shein blouse is about moderate vibes on one hand - in terms of its style, but on the other hand it's quite a statement piece that speaks for itself and the owner - in terms of print of course. So what I wanted to do is to create an elegant and chic-much outfit, using quite simple stuff. And what you think of this combo?

Look of the Day:
H&M pants
Ami Clubwear sandals

Photo: T. Egorova

Tweed Skirt in White

Tweed skirts are still on top. I mean, they are still quite trending sort of pieces. And it's not a surprise. What can be as elegant and stylish at the same time? Well, sure there are other pieces like this, but today we are talking about tweed skirts. So, as I already said above, tweed skirts are still on top. Designers keep bringing them back to our wardrobes season after season. And we have nothing against it, right?

Tweed skirt is a good option for a modern lady's wardrobe. One can easily combine it with many different things, like a jumper or a classy shirt or a basic top. One can easily pair it with different kind of footwear, like court heels, over the knee or ankle boots, and even strap-y sandals. Simply speaking, that's the kind of piece that fits literally every season and weather. 

When it comes to proper winter one might question if a tweed skirt is a good idea for cold weather? I think yes. It's just a matter of question what would you combine such a skirt with. So I took a tweed skirt in white color. I just thought I have too much of black color in my wardrobe that's why I decided to go for a change. Plus in terms of my dark wardrobe it's quite easy to style such a tweed skirt for cold weather. Everything I needed was a simple jumper, over the knee boots and hoop earrings. And voila, a January-appropriate combo is ready!

Look of the Day:
Zaful sweater
Ami Clubwear boots

Photo: T. Egorova

Turtleneck Sweater. An Ideal Option for Colds

The good news, we are done with the half of winter. Not so good news, cold weather doesn't seem to leave any time soon. And have to be honest, I'm not really glad about it. I mean, I like winter season and snow, but this year it tends to be somehow depressing. 

The good news, there is a way to battle this cold weather... in many terms, like warmth, comfort and style. You might ask - what is it? And the answer is pretty simple. A turtleneck sweater. Especially the one that I found at Shein. First of all, it's warm and comfy. So I put a big plus for the quality. And, secondly, it's quite simple and stylish at the same time.

Especially if you combine it with right stuff. What I mean here by right stuff is something casual and timeless as high-waisted jeans, preferably in black. And, also, a pair of interesting boots, like the snake skin ones that are still going to be hot this year. Finally, it's all about details. You can add some earrings or rings, or a cool modern bag. As simple as that. 

Look of the Day:
Bershka jeans
Zaful boots

Photo: T. Egorova

Party Perfect Dresses from Femme Luxe

Who said January is not a party month? Who said winter is not a party season? Right, nobody ever said that. So why not put that stunning party dress that you've been putting aside for quite a long time now and not go and continue celebrating this beautiful year? Yes, I do believe this year is going to be beautiful... for all of us. Just to say, for me it started with some interesting, good and at times new stuff. 

But, well, let's go back to party dresses. I mean perfect party dresses. Where would I recommend you to search for one? At Femme Luxe, for sure. The brand has quite a lot of stunning women's dresses (oops, I think I already mentioned it before). The brand has lots of feminine, sexy, hot, elegant, body hugging options that will go for an evening out. 

Dress number one is all about elegance and femininity. First of all, it's in midi-length. Secondly, it has a nice curves hugging shape. Plus it has only one sleeve and this asymmetry only adds a twist. I paired it with platform sandals and a couple of fine jewellery - customized bangles. 

Dress number two is a completely different story. It's hot, it's provocative. First of all, it's in super mini-length. Secondly, it has a snake print - a pretty trending one at the moment. And, finally, it's of PU material. Let's be honest, this dress speaks for itself. I paired it with trending transparent heels so as not to out shadow the dress. 

Look 1:
Ami Clubwear sandals

Look 2:
Hidden heels

Photo: T. Egorova

How to Style Knitted Dresses in Winter

How do you feel about knitted dresses when it's a deep winter outside the window? Do you leave it, I mean your favourite or a pretty new cute dress, for better days or you are still brave enough to battle the cold? Well, I believe that winter is not an excuse to avoid wearing knitted dresses. Pay attention, I'm not talking here about chiffon or other light ones. Today I'm concentrating exclusively on knits. 

Therefore, to be able to talk about this topic I created two different yet at some point similar outfits. To sort of picture my examples. Have to mention that both dresses were found at Femme Luxe, also the brand has many other interesting options (read 'not only knitted dresses'). So I highly recommend you to go and check their range... of course straight after you finish reading this story.  

Look number one is all about a colourful piece. I mean dress of course. Have to be honest at this point, only after trying this dress on I realized that mustard shade suits me (should probably point out this color for myself for future). So, the coolest, and best, way to style such a dress is to pair it, first of all, with interesting tights. I went for a very popular polka dot pattern. Also don't forget to warm up, a good vintage fur can be an option... especially if it's super oversized. The outcome - luxurious and fashionable outfit at the same time. 

Look number two is about more casual option of a knitted dress. White and in midi length (also, maybe it's important to mention that it's of ribbed texture). So here a colourful fur can go well. Of course faux fur one. Pay attention, that the fur isn't way too short, comparing to the dress, as a pretty serious difference in length won't look good enough. What about a bag? I went for a piece that matches all the outfit elements in terms of colours - burgundy, white and black. Also, thanks to the color match and the print the bag does bring the outfit to a new level. The outcome - stylish and warm outfit at the same time. 

Look 1:
vintage fur
Gamiss boots

Look 2:
vintage faux fur coat
Zaful boots

Photo: T. Egorova

Modern Minimalism

With some print-much touch.

It's not a secret that I do like practicality and simplicity in terms of clothing. Therefore, it's not a surprise that something minimalistic does suit my wardrobe direction. To say that I'm a fan of minimalism? I wouldn't dare. But if I had to choose between too much stuff in an outfit or a more minimalistic approach, I would definitely go for the second option. I think the 'less is more' strategy really does fit here.

Speaking of COS brand, I've already come across it few years ago - in stories like Not So Blurred Lines and Falling for Bordeaux. It was my first experience with the brand and it was sort of a discovery for me that something so simple fits me. Maybe it was actually that starting point when my style turned towards a simple, practical direction. Years later we still see COS going its minimalistic path - like in a story Post Post with COS or today's one.

When it comes to this outfit, I wanted it to be as simple as possible. And also I wanted this set to be the centre of this fashion combination. I like this quirky print, it adds a twist to this skirt co-ord. Now I know, I know the outfit is not very winter appropriate... I guess I'm just already looking forward for spring and those days when one can easily wear high heels outdoors. To say that I'm tired of winter? No, no way. I do enjoy this season. Just like all the other ones.

Gamiss heels

Photo: T. Egorova