Getting Holiday Season Ready with Femme Luxe

Let's get ready for a big Holiday season together! Yes, I remember,  it was in the previous outfit-post that I said that we're still weeks away from it. But let's not forget about some inspiration in first place.  It's always good to get inspired before the actual event or celebration, because in this case you have time to think everything over and prepare. Let's also not forger about delivery times, if it comes to online shopping...

So, today I prepared quite an interesting and inspirational post in which I came up with 3 different dresses from Femme Luxe. Have to mention also that these dresses are not only Holiday season celebration perfect, these dresses can also work well for a simple end of the week party. Speaking of the dresses, if I had to pick one, it would definitely be hard. Because all 3 are super cool. Still, I think would go with the gold glitter one.

By the way, let's not forget about the fact that each of these 3 dresses is also available in other colours. For example, the gold glitter one is also available in blue and purple. Whereas silver metallic can also be in pink and orange shades. Sounds great? Wait a second. Check out more of Femme Luxe  'Party Dress' and 'Sparkly Dress' sections. A lot of gorgeous dresses are waiting for you there!


Soft Waves

In the mood of adding some romantic vibes to your appearance? Then try soft waves as it's one of the biggest trends of the Fall/Winter 2019 season. 

Best inspiration can be found at Zimmermann. And some good styling products in a new PQAP-selection.

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Trend Report | Leather Trousers

How can we get by without leather trousers? Especially, considering the fact that it's one of major trends in Fall/Winter 2019 season. Important features of leather trousers this season - biker-inspired, high-waist and close-fit. 

Best inspiration was found at Bottega Veneta, Isabel Marant and Roberto Cavalli. Meanwhile, the new PQAP-selection is full of good online options...

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Polka Dot from Femme Luxe

How about some polka dot? How about a corset top? And how about the two combined together in a pretty interesting and sensual piece? Yes, that's all about this stunning Femme Luxe blouse. As always, the story is pretty simple - I saw it and I fell in love. Also I decided that I need such a blouse in my life... and, well, wardrobe. 

What to combine it with? I went for high-waisted classic kind of trousers. First of all, such a match looks super elegant. And, secondly, it's also perfect for the upcoming big Holiday season. Now I know that we're still weeks apart from it, but it's better to prepare earlier, don't you think?

By the way, this blouse is also available in black and white colour, check it out here. Also, there is a similar sort of a blouse but in less statement polka dot, you can view it here. But I, of course, still prefer the one that I got. In my opinion, statement polka dot looks more elegant, right?

Look of the Day:
Reserved trousers
Ami Clubwear sandals

Grey November with a Dash of Pink

Everything is getting grey and dull around as official Winter is literally approaching. But have to say that I'm enjoying all these stages of Autumn. Even this grey-ish one. Maybe it's just me, but this year Autumn in Riga is particularly beautiful. This year I do enjoy walking around my autumnal town with a cup of take-away coffee and observe everything around.

And, yes, at times my mood is kind of grey-ish as well, like in this case when I preferred a grey base. But I decided to brighten it up with this pink coat... my favourite outerwear piece this season for sure.  Also, I couldn't escape but add a statement spot to this calm outfit - combat boots with snakeskin print. Quite cozy and statement look, don't you think?

Look of the Day:
Reserved coat
Shein sweater
Luhta trousers
H&M boots
Reserved bag

Photo: T. Egorova

Red Lips

A fan of red lips? Then this Fall/Winter 2019 season trend is just for you. Red lipstick is an ultimate classical Beauty-piece. 

Best inspiration comes from Fendi. And some interesting online options are in a new PQAP-selection.  

Image Courtesy: Vogue Runway

Trend Report | Tights

Willing to add some nostalgic and glamorous vibes to your outfits? Then pay attention to tights as it's one of the coolest trends of the Fall/Winter 2019 season. Speaking of tights, they can be both colourful or black shaded, plain or with some patterns - choice is pretty varied.

Best inspirations can be found at Versace, Balmain and Miu Miu. While some interesting online options are waiting for you in a new PQAP-selection.

Image Courtesy: Vogue Runway

Birds by VETKA

So, here we go with November. Can't believe how fast time flies. Like crazy, literally. And what I just understood is the fact that I haven't shared with you here, on the blog, one of my favourite discoveries of the year 2019. Why I'm talking about the year in general terms? 

Well, first of all, because we are getting closer to this end-of-the-year phase. And secondly, because I really find this brand and its creations a really worth discovery of mine. So the brand is called VETKA and it's Estonia-based brand. By the way, back in October I had a pleasure to meet the designer and founder of the brand - Kristina Puz. 

Speaking of the brand's creations, it's all about scarves with such beautiful and fairytale-ish stories. You can check full selection of scarves here. And for myself I decided to go with the scarf called Birds (here's the link), which I found highly matching for my wardrobe. By the way, have you seen my video on how to style this scarf in 5 different ways? If no, then check it here

Look of the Day:
Reserved coat
Halonen turtleneck
Reserved trousers
Zara boots
Reserved bag

Photo: T. Egorova

Midi Skirt Trend

Can't say that I'm a huge fan of pleated midi skirts, especially when they are made of leather-y, I mean faux leather in this case of course, fabric. I always thought that it's not my cup of tea, so to say. I always thought that such, exactly pleated, with folds, midi skirts don't suit me. 

But this Shein piece made me change my mind. Now, when I was ordering it I was a bit afraid that it won't suit me, but as you see it actually matches this total combination. Another thing that I like about this leather-y piece is the fact it looks super cool with knee-high boots, so it covers a part of it, making the overall look more autumnal. And what are your thoughts about such skirts?

Look of the Day:
Zara coat
H&M sweater
Reserved boots
H&M headband
Reserved bag

Photo: T. Egorova