Inspiration | Blazers to Buy for Spring 2019

Every season is a blazer season. But it feels so good to finally abandon heavy layering in Spring. So why not celebrate this fact with a good, trendy piece?

In today's story I brought together three most interesting and investment-worth, according to me, styles. So let's take a closer look at each of them.

Checked - check pattern is among the hottest patterns now, especially when in comes top such formal, or semi-formal, pieces as blazers, pants and skirts. A checked blazer will go amazingly good with a simple pair of jeans or leather pants. 

Oversize - oversized blazers have been around for quite some time now. But this trend is still strong. Plus it makes you look more miniature. Note, if you can't find an oversized style in women's section, go 'steal' one from a men's one. 

Deep shade - here you can opt for different colours, starting with blue and green and finishing off with bordeaux. Just don't forget that the deeper the shade is the better.  

Body Positivity with IDentity Lingerie

What do you think of your body? Are you positive about it? Or, maybe, you feel insecure? I've never been into any of these two categories for all 100%. Wait, no, there were periods in my past, especially teenage years, when I felt pretty insecure about my appearance in general. Though over the past, I guess, 8 years I've learnt to accept myself. 

Let's be honest, I neither do have steel abs nor am I super skinny (though I was two years but I had to pay for it being on the verge of anorexia), but who said I can't feel good about the body I have now? Body positivity has been a trendy topic for many years now and I'm glad it's been brought up again and again. Especially by lingerie brands themselves. 

Brands like IDentity Lingerie that have placed this idea at the heart of their brand. This brand came as an absolute discovery for me back in early March. They have so many gorgeous sets and nightwear that it was super hard for me to choose a favourite. Though I decided to stop picking on this simple yet sensual set in black lace. It's definitely one of my personal favourites now.

Photo: T. Egorova

Playing around Femme Luxe Jumpsuits

How about a good jumpsuit for Spring/Summer season? Good idea, right? This piece is so easy to wear and so easy to style, that I'm thinking now of getting myself more besides the two ones from today's story. Why I think it's so easy to style? Well, because I believe one doesn't need much when she creates a combination with a jumpsuit. Let me now prove it by means of these two Femme Luxe outfits. 

Okay, I admit that the white jumpsuit is more of a summer piece... due to the color and asymmetric shoulder game. Just imagine walking along the sea on one of those chilly summer evenings... Meanwhile, I decided to mix it with snakeskin boots as I liked the contrast created by these two. 

Jumpsuit in rust. Even though I combined it with perspex heels for a more luxurious look, I think this jumpsuit will also go good with simple sneakers and a denim jacket. 

Warm spring-y, or better say May-is, days are not that far away now... so are all the new chances to rock these two pieces...

Look 1:
Zaful boots

Look 2:
Hidden heels

Photo: T. Egorova

Leather with a Dash of Snakeskin

And again some snakeskin vibes... Well, if you haven't heard yet - snakeskin is one of the main trends this year in terms of prints. Well, I started applying this print to my wardrobe past summer, so I can proudly say out loud that I've been into this trend yet when it was on its rise. And, if you haven't paid attention to this print yet, then it's high time to do so. From my side, I can, and I feel like I should, point out that snakeskin goes far beyond footwear and bags, as it has already moved into clothes as well.

Speaking of the whole outfit, here I wanted to play around two of my new Femme Luxe pieces - corset top and jacket. What's the best way to style such a leather top? I believe it can go equally well with both jeans and leather pants. But as I adore total leather looks I decided to go for it. Looks pretty powerful, don't you think? And I like that the jacket in snakeskin print only adds to this leather combo. It, for sure, is going to be one of my favourite to-go combos during later spring. 

Reserved pants
Gamiss heels

Photo: T. Egorova

White Bag + Snakeskin Boots

Welcome to Spring, pumpkinitos! New season means... what? Right, new season means new Paul's Boutique collection. This time the collection is full of cool colours, starting with white and dusty pink and ending with popping yellow and power red, as well as lovely styles, including Estelle, Dakota and Simi. Now all words apart, you simply check the collection out HERE.

Now the question that might be popping in your minds 'is a white bag a really practical thing?'... My answer is - yes, it is a practical piece. Just take a look at this Estelle babe - simple yet eye-catchy both in terms of style and color. I believe a white coloured bag can be mixed with lots of stuff, style and, especially, colours...

For example, let's take today's outfit combination. Here we have a mix of colours and shades, like white, beige, stone brown and a bit of black. I adore the shades game between the coat and the pants in this outfit. Looks pretty delicious, don't you think? What we also have here is the game between details - white bag and snakeskin effect boots. I like how 'the same but different' these two are. 

Zara coat (SIMILAR)
Zara blouse (SIMILAR)
Zara pants (SIMILAR)
Zaful boots (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova

#loveyourself with IDentity Lingerie

Rarely but quite neatly tend I talk about lingerie here, on Practical Queen AP. And this time this lingerie talk is going to coincide with a special occasion we are about to have in just few days - March 8th. Or simply, an International Women's Day, the day when we all celebrate females and femininity, beauty and tenderness. 

And accidentally, right before the 8th of March, I made a pretty interesting brand discovery - IDentity Lingerie. What comes better with a woman than a piece of gorgeous lingerie, right? So you might ask, what's so special about this brand? Well, first of all, it's a family run company based in London (and we all know that British brands have a special place in my heart). Secondly, they target all female sizes from XS to XXL. And, of course, they celebrate natural beauty, regardless the sizes. Because at IDentity Lingerie they know that all sizes look beautiful. Now what can be better for a woman than a lingerie brand that empowers women and stands for body positivity?

Okay, brand talks aside. Let's talk about their lingerie. Did I already find some favourites? Will be absolutely honest with you here - no, I don't have particular favourites just yet. I find it hard at the moment to outline just one or two pieces. But, I guess, my two favourites might be this set in purple and this set in teal blue. I find these colours super attractive (don't know why actually). And which pieces are your favourites?

Inspiration | Best Pants for Spring 2019

Looking for a pair of coolest pants for Spring 2019? Let's see which options are the coolest. I decided to outline 3 major directions, especially the ones that I find pretty interesting and worth-investing for upcoming Spring season - knitwear, leather and brown-shaded.

Leather - it can be faux leather as well. This option is still on top of our fashion lists. But, this season it's better to avoid skinny options. This Spring - the looser, the better. 

Knitwear - this option has been around for quite some time now. The only problem with this is that you either need to be quite skinny or quite tall (or actually both). 

Brown-shaded - let's just admit that brown shades look awesome. Especially when combined with grey or white stuff. In terms of shades here all options of brown are acceptable. 

Spring Trends by Femme Luxe

To be fully honest with you, my pumpkinitos, I already can't wait for Spring. Both, for spring that is less cold than winter when you can start wearing more of coats and heeled boots and for spring when it's warm enough to start wearing some seasonal trends, like cycling shorts, outdoors. 

But as I live in Latvia, a country where winter is like half a year long, I only can dream of warmer days for now. But who said that I can't set myself into a Spring-y mood right now? So I decided to surf through Femme Luxe... you, pumpkinitos, remember my previous story with their stunning dresses, right... and found some pieces that perfectly picture the coolest trends of the upcoming Spring/Summer season. 

This almost total black outfit stands for asymmetric shoulder game top and cycling style shorts. Have to admit that I've been having a serious crush on Aimee Song's cycling shorts outfit with cowboy boots and oversized blazer from past fashion week, so I started my hunt for a similar pair. But it took me quite some time to find the best fitting ones. Was it worth waiting that long? Absolutely! Speaking of the top, I believe it will go with absolutely all my pants and skirts during the summer. Yes, I think such a top is more of a summer-perfect piece. Just imagine a dull June-is day or a party by the pool...

The total orange outfit that stands for power orange bodysuit and neon leggings. Yes, I initially intended to pull such a juicy combination. This Spring/Summer season I'm actually going back to some lively, vivid color as orange and yellow, so I've already started putting this part of my seasonal wardrobe together. What about neon? Here I decided to begin with a more, so to say, safe option... I mean the shade that I'm more sure of. Yes, am feeling more confident about orange neon rather than yellow or green ones. But am already thinking of trying out some green vibes - might be fun...

Look 1:

Look 2:

Inspiration | Must-have Shoes for Spring 2019

It's February o'clock. And it means that it's perfect time to start forming our Spring wardrobes. What's one of the most important details within one's outfit, or look? Right, shoes. So let's look into a set of shoes, or better say boots, I would highly recommend you to get for Spring 2019. 

Low-heel ankle boots - a perfect option for everyday. And a good replacement for biker boots. Low-heel can go in different styles and colours. But I personally will go for simple black ones. 

Snake skin - one of the most popular prints in fashion in 2018 and 2019. Snake skin boots are an ultimate must-have for a real fashionista. 

Over-the-knee - always a good idea. This boots can go both, with heel or without it. Also it can go in different styles, fabrics and patterns. 

Nude boots - as it still might be quite cold for perspex heels, the nude coloured boots are a good idea if you want to have invisible sort of shoes. 

Lace-up boots - this kind of boots is still strong. And it can go in different styles, in terms of heel height and width in first place.