It's hard to find a person that have never heard of Alexander Lee McQueen. He had shaken this world (not only the world of fashion) so strongly that I was not able to stay away from his collections. 

Angel of Darkness

I would like to say a little bit about this book - Alexander McQueen "A Genius of a Generation" written by Kristin Know - fashion blogger and journalist. Must say, she did a great job with this book!

The book concentrates on McQueen's works and collections. not on his biography. But there is an introduction that tells us about his early years. To say that his way to the Fashion Olympe was hard is to say nothing. He went though a lot of difficulties, was never understood, but, fortunately, he met people that saw a genius inside him.
I suppose that we should thank Alexander's mother and longtime-friend Isabella Blow for believing in him! Unfortunately, they both passed away, like Alexander.

Fall/Winter 1998 Satanic Serpent
McQueen was a genius and all his creations confirm it. And his collections always were different. He made East meet West, made up Fallen Angels, Beauties, Aliens, Satans and many other images...

Spring/ Summer 2003

2004 American Express Show London Kate Moss
The skull print became one of McQueen's signatures...

Spring/Summer 2005
Here is the other McQueen-woman - very feminine, romantic and elegant...

Fall/Winter 2007
Alexander once created such bodice for Givenchy, while being a creative director. He went on and made it abother signature of his brand...

Spring/Summer 2008
This collection was dedicated to Isabella Blow. Birds and butterflies symbolize the highlights of his carrer, which would never have blossomed without her guidance. 
McQueen collaborated with Philip Tracy, British millner, a lot. Tracy made all the hats for McQueen collections.

Fall/Winter 2008
Combination of the British Empire and East motives...

Fall/Winter 2009
Again collaboration with Philip Tracy. The collection is more like a parody of Dior and Chanel looks...

Spring/Summer 2010 Plato's Atlantis
In this collection McQueen used digital printing. Actually, he already used it in his earlier collections, but in this  he surpassed himself!

The shoes take an important place in McQueen's collections and work. Its always a masterpiece. But the shoes from this collection are above all praise! The "Monster" stilletos (shown above) and "Armadillo" you all have seen in Lady Gaga's video "Bad Romance"! She just knows what fashion is about!

The last finale bow of magnificant Alexander McQueen...

Fall/Winter 2010
The last collection done by McQueen himself, but at the time he passed away it was only about 80% finished. It was Sarah Burton, the successor of McQueen brand, who finished it from the sketches...
Still, in this collection, we see the sign of Alexander...

I've once heard a quote: "When I see Alexander McQueen shoes, I begin to understand what the fashion is." I would like to periphase it: 
"When I see Alexander McQueen works, I begin to understand what fashion is."
McQueen really showed us what the real fashion is all about. The fashion is something extraordinary, crazy, but at the same time beautiful and amazing!