It's been a very, very hard day... Running around the shops even in such little city as Riga can be really exhausting! It's my first client, how can I say something bad?! Moreover, I chose this profession and now I know what it's like to be a personal shopper! Can't say that today's shopping was meaningless, because I've used several advises of my mentor. And I should say, these advises are sooo helpful! 

It was quite hot today and I mixed comfort with trends... 

First of all, I had my H&M jeans on with my lovely pinky Claudia Chizzani peep toe heels and I stole brothers shirt! Usually girls steal shirts from boyfriends, but I did it vice versa. Luckily, brother doesn't wear it, so I can have it in my wardrobe! 

Of course, I have my sunglasses with me! I've added some bracelets, earrings and rings.

If I know that the day will be long and I won't have a chance to get home and if I have quite a capacious bag, I take my flats with me. Today I had Tommy Hilfiger flats.
By the way, in a week we have The Last Bell!!! I've already made up my look with personal hair stylist and make-up artist. Can't wait for that day! <3