The last April day. That's how I spent it. Strolling around streets.

Some time ago I found this sweater in my granny's closet. It's in great condition!

The reason I made this look were tights. The back side of tights...

I got them several years ago and couldn't image how to wear them. But when I got Grandma's sweater and bought these Zara shorts and boots (some random company, don't remember), the idea came into my mind!

As it was quite windy yesterday I had my Only leather jacket on.

And because of sun - my Accessories sunglasses.

Accessories: I adore these wing-type earrings (from Spain) and added chains on my wrist.

Very important part is make-up: dark eyes and lips.

This look, definitely, will be my favourite one for London's autumn 2011. And also for this May, maybe, it depends on weather. 
Hope you all had amazing weekend. Happy 1st of May, everyone! <3