I have such a honour to announce that on May 30th, during his visit to Riga, a historian of fashion presented the very special and unique award, established by himself - "Lilies of Alexandre Vassiliev", to Latvian National Opera for one of the best interiors in the world!!!

Here is the award. It is made by Italian master.

Posing for journalists.

Presenting the certificate to the director of the Opera house.

Latvian National Opera received even two awards for the best interior and became № 11 and 12, who was awarded by Vassiliev.

Maitre indulging himself with a glass of amazing champagne, which he is a representor of.

I couldn't escape posing with this award!

Always playful and with a great smile!!!

And, of course, I couldn't escape posing with Alexandre and have a little talk with him.

Vassiliev is always ready to give an interview and always posing, if someone tries to photograph him.

We've got such a beautiful view from the balcony of the Opera house!

For such special occasion I was wearing Mango blouse, Zara skirt and Bata heels.

P.S. in July Vassiliev is coming back with his new exhibition "From maxi to mini", who's comming with me???

Photos by T. Egorova