As I promised, here is a photo-report from A. Vassiliev's exhibition "From Mini to Maxi", dedicated to the fashion of 60-s. All the pieces are the original-dresses and accessories of 60-s. What should I say? They are just amazing!

I guess, this was the only decade in 20th and even 21st centuries, when fashion changed greatly.

That was the decade of elegance and rebellion. Mods, Psychedelics, Hippies, Futurism, Techno all these styles date back to that period.

Alexandre received an example of his new book, published in Latvian.

And a new photo of myself with Vassiliev.

Famous Andy Warhol's dress. The rise of pop-art.

For such occasion I chose Atmosphere dress and Zara high-heels.

Black & White 

P.S. Have you already visited the exhibition?

Photos: T. Egorova