Last week I spent some days at the Training Session "Personal Stylist: Work Experience with a Client", mastered by amazing Elga Homicka.
Though those 4 days were quite hard and we had a lot of practice, these days were very informative and helpful before our Diploma Work that will start next week!
Apart spending time at the class room and getting some theory, we went to Stockmann (local mall) and had an opportunity to be both a client of an Image Designer and an Image Designer ourselves! (my work you can find in the end of the post. though it's not finiched, I suppose some accessories should be added )
So, the photos in this post are from the last day, which we spent at the Photo Studio with latvian fashion photographer Natalie Berezina, image designer and our master Elga Homicka, hair-stylist Sergey Komarov, another  image designer and master of Bogomolov' Image School Evita Ormane, make-up artist Indra Stanke (Make-Up Atelier), ex-student of BIS and image designer Inesa Semernikova (Mary Kay company), master of psychology at BIS Natalie Voronova. 

By the way, Elga showed us how she works with her clients and what we should expect at the Diploma Work. This time's clients was Edita, who works in a beaty industry and wants to look more respectful, successful, but still elegant and feminine...

Latvian fashion photographer Natalie Berezina

Photoshoot "Before"

Elga chose both Marella dress and jacket for her client.

Photoshoot "After" 

Image Designer and Personal Shopper Evita Ormane (left), ex-student of BIS, Image Designer and Designer Inessa (right)


And my work as an image designer. Unfortunately, it's not finished, because each of us had a limit of time, only 30 min. per person! I tried to make my client, Nataly (computer designer) a bohemian girl, though the look lacks a headband, high heels, clutch and some bracelets... 

P.S. What do you think of the changes made with Edita?