It's been a really busy week for me.
Making a project for our course and nights out that's my schedule of the week. Well, now I have a weekend and more free time to go out with new friends! Since I came to London, I've a lot of interesting people from all over the world! We're having so much fun together!  By the way, I started learning other languages from students that live with me. 
Unfortunately, my favourite girl Daria is leaving tomorrow! It's so sad, because we spent all three weeks together! I'll miss her a lot! But tonight we're going out again!
I loooooove London! 

Look of the day:
Zara blazer
Chelsea long-shirt
Zara leggings
Miss Selfridges ankle heels
Accessorize triple-ring
Accessorize colorful bracelets
Accessorize earrings
Bulaggi bag