Just found quite an old song on my laptop... It's Sonja Bishop - She's got the right key. Looove that song! And, by the way, I realized that haven't shown my accessories for some time... These ring and necklace are my favourites at the moment!
This week we're doing researches, assosiated with fashion and I have more time to make photos. Actually, yesterday we were doing a survey on the streets of London. Ohhh, it's so hard! I thought that people here in London are much more talkative, but it turned out that I was a little bit wrong! But, still, we've got pretty interesting results... 

Look of the day:
Atmosphere tiered skirt
Zara top
Inessa Marini heels
Orange belt
Accessorize key-type ring
Accessorize flower-type earrings
heart necklace from the childhood