Today I would like to tell a little bit about a peson that is my inspiration. Inspiration in fashion, career and as a person. It's russian fashionista Miroslava Duma.
Internet is full with her latest images, bloggers all over the world discuss her looks from fashion weeks, lots of girls strive to look like her. Mira is a russian journalist with worldwide reputation, former editor for Harper's Bazaar Russia, now a freelance writer for such magazines as OK!, Tatler and Glamour. She's got her own internet-project Buro 24/7 that gives the latest news on fashion, culture, music, books and events. Several years ago Mira launched a charitable foundaton called "Peace Planet" (Planeta Mira) that concentrates on culture and education.
I personally adore this girls style, she looks amazing in everything! She can match clothes that I would never be brave to mix! It's hard to define Mira's style, so I divided it into several sections - coats, heels, suits, skirts and creative looks... I wish I could put all those 1 million images of Miroslava in this post, but I can't. If you want more, go on and research her style!

 Mira's main fetish are coats

 All girls love heels!

 She looks amazing in pants...

 ... and, of course, in skirts!

 Different looks of Miroslava Duma.

Tommy Ton and Miroslava Duma for Symphony Spring/Summer 2012

 P.S. Looking forward for Mira's new looks and projects