If you are aware of sustainability and especially sustainable fashion that is a HUGE part of the fashion industry then you probably know about the SHWOP Lab organized by M&S, Oxfam, Plan A Doing the Right Thing and Centre for Sustainable Fashion (LCoF). The idea of the lab is to show people how old, thrown away clothes can be re-used for new garments or accessories.
Moreover, each visitor can donate old clothes, just like famous people did, such as Susie Bubble, Erin O'Connor, etc...
Today and tomorrow Dr. Noki is taking over the lab showing how old items can be cut up and re-worked into new designs. To tell the truth, I was quite sceptic about this designer before seeing him working today. He's a really creative person and one of his works for Vogue magazine is pictured later... By the way, everyone are free to join Dr. Noki and his team!
And I can't not mention that yesterday my Sustainable Fashion teacher Michelle Lowe Holder participated in  SHWOP Lab Designer Challenge together with London College of Fashion students, their creations can be seen later as well. Michelle is not only one of the sweetiest people in this world, she's an amazing sustainable designer! Who would think that you can create a belt from a couple of used shirts?

Dr. Noki creating

Dr. Noki's work for Vogue

Donated clothes 

Accessories by Michelle Lowe Holder and London College of Fashion students

Michelle Lowe Holder creation

Only 8% of our clothes get worn out!

P.S. If you haven't been to the SHOWP Lab yet, don't miss your chance! You still have couple of days left!
Where? Dray Walk Gallery 91 Brick Lane, London
When? Mainly 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
And you can grab some old clothes with you to be re-used!