I had an opportunity to visit the press conference and the opening of Alexandre Vassiliev's exhibition "Art Nouveau Fashion" Riga on Thursday, June 14th.

As always Vassiliev was happy, with a huge smile, looking really impressive, posing with everyone, signing autographs, receiving gifts, opened to every question and more talkative than he ever was before. Maitre, according to himself, for the first time described the collection of Art Nouveau, telling a lot of real life stories.
The collection consists of historical gowns donated or bought by Vassiliev, footwear, accessories, photos and pictures.
Several months ago my history of the 20th century fashion teacher told us that there was no fashion in the beginning of the 20 century and it is not interesting... After this exhibition I really doubt about her thoughts... I think, Art Nouveau's fashion is one of the most interesting topics to discuss and get impressed by. Caught my eye on several outfits, although they might seem old fashion, some of the gowns would be great for evenings at the balls and awards!

So, if you are currently in Riga go and visit the exhibition. If you are not in Riga yet, then it's a great opportunity to visit Riga and see the collection!

What? Art Nouveau Fashion
Where? Decorative Art Museum, Skarnu str. 10/20, Riga
When? Right now till mid-September/October

P.S. In one of the next posts I will add photos of the collection presented and try to describe the Art Nouveau fashion, hopefully.

Look of the Day:
Mango cardigan
Roshi dress
Zara heels
Earrings with moonstones
Swarovski heart necklace
Swarovski necklace
Fossil bracelet

Photos by: T. Egorova