As I promised long ago here is a post about art nouveau fashion based on A. Vassiliev’s collection.
What is art nouveau? Art Nouveau is an artistic movement of the end of XIX – beginning of the XX centuries. It is often called “an era of beautiful clothes”.
Although I don’t have an actual report of the whole exhibition, I’ve got even better stuff for you. Photos that show the details of the garments – materials, embroidery, weave, patterns... These details show a really high quality and unique work of the masters.
Alexandre Vassiliev’s Art Nouveau collection includes a pieces of such maitres as Paul Poiret, Charles Frederic Worth, Jacques Doucet, Jeanne Paquin, Mariano Fortuny, Madeleine Cheruit, etc. 
So, my dear readers, enjoy all this beauty!

P.S. For those who know Russian here's an article about the collection. Alexandre Vassiliev himself presents the period of Art Nouveau.

Photos: T. Egorova
Garments: from A. Vassiliev's personal collection "Art Nouveau Fashion"