Every little thing matters... Every little thing in your look matters. Each of us, at least once, had a feeling that something is missing in your look – a belt, a scarf, some accessories... Or it doesn’t fit in your look. But when you find that necessary thing everything seems perfect. And you feel like a rock star! Seriously. Is there any person that has never felt this way?
So, when I added a wide belt that is exactly the same colour as my wedges, light rose bracelets and rose-ring to my outfit it seemed so right. And my only feeling that day was as if I was flying around the city. Moreover, I have two options to this look – light rose clutch for sweeter look or bright lacquered one for more fashionable.

P.S. Style is in everything. Diaries, pens, business card holders, charms and, the most important nowadays, phone cases - it all forms your unique style. Here is my new Iphone 4 case – Cellular Line red one. Fell in love with it from the first sight.

Look of the day:
KMX shirt
Orsay treggings
Orsay belt
Retro wedges
bracelets (present)
Accessorize rose-ring
Forever New clutch
Michael B Designs clutch

Idea: T. Egorova
Style: A. Puzova
Photos: T. Egorova