Today I was wearing ripped jeans that actually was the center of my look. Strange, several years ago I considered such jeans awful and people, who wore them, as someone who lacked style.
Maybe as I grew up and my views on some things changed, or is it because I now live in London, the most creative city in the world and people out here can wear really crazy (to me) clothes, but my attitude towards ripped jeans changed. If you combine this type of jeans with the "right" garments and accessories it will work for you, and by "right" garments I don't mean that there are right or wrong options. Here I mean what you consider to be appropriate with ripped jeans, it depends on how are you, individually, are going to mix them with other clothes and accessories.
So for me the "right" mix consisted of ripped jeans, t-shirt with Marilyn Monroe photo, basic cardigan, trainers and traditional russian scarf.

Look of the Day:
Zara cardigan
Marilyn by Sam Shaw t-shirt
H&M jeans
Vans trainers
Traditional Russian scarf
Fiorelli Belinda Grab handbag
Swarovski necklace