As I haven't shared any of my daily looks for about 2 months, I'm doint it today. Some of you who follows me on instagram probably already saw them. In case you don't know, my instagram is

Tuesday look:

Not much, but there's my new Belinda Grab handbag from Fiorelli and River Island chain flats.

Wednesday look: 

Ponytail and slightly red lips were accompanied with Swarovski necklaces, Reserved bow-print cardigan, Lindex shirt, Asos mini skirt with pleats, River Island chain flats and Belinda Grab Fiorelli handbag.

Thursday look: 

The look was all about Zara Chanel-style blazer with decorated collar, Lindex top and Asos jeans with baroque flocking.

Friday look:

And today's morning was as simple as possible. I was wearing Chelsea hoodie, Mango skinny jeans, Vans trainers, vintage coat with fur and Belinda Grab Fiorelli handbag.

So this is how my week looked like and hope yours was as amazing as mine!
P.S. Have a great weekend everyone!