If you have never heard the name Denis Simachev, you missed a lot. This Russian designer  had already gone really far...
But let me start with the latest news that I found at Buro 24/7 - Simachev's wine was recognized one of the best at the London International Wine Fair 2012. Should I say it's a success? For sure. According to Buro 24/7 the limited edition of 2020 bottles will be available in the middle of December.
Simachev name boomed in Russia in the early-mid 2000-s when the designer started his menswear and womenswear collections. The idea of the brand is truly unique, interesting and funny to some extend. It's not only typical Russian motives and traditions and recollections of Soviet-Imperial Russia, it's those t-shirts with provocative inscriptions and characters from our beloved Soviet cartoons. It's something that was abandoned for some time, something that people didn't want to be associated. But it was Simachev with his fresh, creative and modern ideas, to step in the industry. 
Simachev went further, creating a lifestyle brand. Designer's collaborations include Ducati motorbikes, Porsche cars, Apple Iphone's,  Kartell furniture, etc. What inspired me is Simachev's collaboration with photographer Egor Zaika and their project "On the way home", showing us that he is more than just a fashion designer, he is an artist. And now, after several years of silence, he is back with something new (wine collection) and again with success. 
To conclude, I consider Denis Simachev as fairly creative and talanted designer/artist that did breakthrough beyond national borders and created a cult around his own brand. I really hope that in nearest future we are going to see new fashion collections of the designer ( he haven't presented one since 2009/2010) that will be in the best traditions of Simachev.