Today's post is about fashion reading.

As well as some books on the history, history of arts and cinema, because you can't deal with fashion without them. The books I find interesting and recommend you to read. And here is a selection of the books I do have here, back in Riga. A little review of each book follows.

A selection of two big volumes - 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers. Edited by Terry Jones, published by Taschen. A paragraph about the designer, signature pieces, what inspires him/her is available in English, German and French languages; and loads of photos from the ad campaigns. Must-have for everyone who works  or starts career in fashion.

Four Hundred Years of Fashion by Victoria and Albert Museum is a description of museum's collection and pieces donated or acquired by the museum itself. Text is supported by photos of the actual gowns in color or black and white. Everything you need to know about fashion during the past 4 centuries.

Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation by Kristin Knox. Published by A & C Black (London). I already made a post about this book, when I just started this blog. It can be found here in more details and photos. Anyway, great and inspiring book. 

PRACTICAL PRINCESS: Perfect Wardrobe by Elika Gibbs, the Practical Princess, gives useful tips to organize a wardrobe. As well supported with lots of photos and text.
To mention, it was the Practical Princess that inspired me with the blogs name. Being just Queen AP, I turned it into Practical Queen AP. So, the secret of my blogs name is revealed. 

History: The Definitive Visual Guide by editorial consultant Adam Hart-Davis. It's an actual guide into the world of history, highlighting the most important events, influences and facts. Quite a big book that is interesting and with glorious images. 

History of Arts by P. P. Gnedich (Всеобщая История Искусств, П. П. Гнедич) is, unfortunately, suitable for the Russian speaking people. Amazing and understandable language of Gnedich for every generation. Looking at painting, sculpture, architecture and decorative arts created by our predecessors. Like it, love it and am reading it whenever I can. 

Cinema: Year by Year. The Complete Illustrated History of Film. Looking into the history of the cinema, from the very beginning to present time. How this industry developed, how historical events influenced it, the key figures of the cinema, outstanding movies and interesting facts. This book is worth it. 

That's all. Enjoy your reading!