As I promised here is a post about FREYWILLE.
It's an Austrian enamel jewellery brand that started in 1951 in Vienna as a local artisan workshop. The designs are inspired by works of famous artists of the 19th-20th centuries, like Gustav Klimt, and historical/cultural motives, like the new collection Spirit of Africa. Apart from jewellery the brand offers a range of accessories - watches, scarves, belts, clutches; as well as products for men - ties, cufflinks and belts. And if you want to be even more creative, collection of writing instruments is available. FREYWILLE is now a globally known fashion jewellery brand with own boutiques Moscow, London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Dubai, etc... And, of course, my hometown, Riga.

Well, from my point of view it's a very interesting brand and it's jewellery really stands out among others. So, if you are a creative person, this jewellery is for you!

Location: FREYWILLE Latvia, Valnu iela 10, Riga
Photos: T. Egorova