The last day of the year 2012. Seems like I should make some conclusions to this year and highlight the most memorable and important events that happened this year. But I'm not going to do this. Instead, I'm giving you an insight into my preparations for the New Year's Eve.

Yesterday night together with my mum, T. Egorova, we baked some cookies for today's celebration. Our creations ended up being so cute and lovely, and, tremendously delicious!
So, very soon we're going to step into New Year. I want to wish you all happiness, love, lots of smiles and great moments in the upcoming year! Enjoy what you do and be amazing in it! Me and my family are sending lots of love to you!
Happy New Year! С Новым Годом! Laimīgu Jauno Gadu! Glückliches neues Jahr! Bonne année! Buon anno!