One fact about me - I used to play the piano. Music used to be an important part of my life. Just like fashion now. Some 10 years ago a dreamed about becoming a musician. A world-known singer. And I dumped it for fashion. Do I regret about this decision? No. I chose something that I have bigger passion for... a really interesting, beautiful and crazy world of fashion.
As I was wearing a dress in black lace yesterday, we decided to create a classic-elegant yet stylish look. And play on my piano-music-past. I was wearing a little black dress accompanied by pearl necklace, a set of light-pink pearl-look bracelets, pearl earrings and chained bracelets with pendants. In make-up the main accent was done by dark-grey eye shadows. As well I tried on shiny blue nail polish, it's neither bright, nor very dark.So I liked the color and can recommend it to you.
P.S. The photo of me and my piano teacher dates back to December 2002 (10 years ago!).

Look of the Day:
River Island lace dress
Riviera necklace
Accessorize bracelet
Riviera bracelet
Caramelles bracelets

Idea: T. Egorova
Photos: T. Egorova
Style: A. Puzova