Finally I can tell you a little about the project that I'm doing for the fashion university. Well, as I'm actually studying Fashion Business and we are mainly dealing with business/management side of the fashion industry, this project is something new and interesting for me. Anyway, I'm going to show you the main steps of this process and share my views and emotions.
The project is about creating a sub-brand of an existing fashion brand and designing a collection for A/W 2013/2014 season! Right now I'm finishing the first step - trend research for the next A/W, identifying 3 main global trends (from my point of view) and creating boards on my page . The 3 trends that I outline for A/W 13/14 are Fragile Beauty, Eclectic Colors and Sporty Beading. But more about trends later... Hopefully, today I'll move on to the second step - start my research book and create mood boards.
P.S. Wish me good luck on my new creation!