Didn't think that it's going to be that hard... But it's worth it, as I received so many good reviews and complements on my research book and collection idea.
These days I'm working hard on my research book, where I put 3 fashion trends that from my point of view are going to be trends of A/W 2013/2014: fragile beauty, eclectic colors, sportswear (in process the sporty beading was changed for the general sportswear). I do create mood of each trend by using fabrics, different pictures of clothes, related pictures and back it all up with pictures from movies, architecture, art and major events that affect each trend. I already decided on which trend my fashion collection will be based and it's sportswear, but more for the leisure in which people could spend Christmas holidays in some warm countries or colder ones, as well as go to Russia for the main next winter's event - Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. Well, there is still a lot of work to do on my research book and at the same time I'm starting to draw my collection this week... Hopefully, I will be able to realize my ideas on the paper!