Each of us at least once in their lives have found in their mum's, grandma's, dad's... wardrobe a piece of clothing or accessory that you really liked. But then you asked yourself if you can wear it now or how can you make a vintage thing look great on you now...  
When I found this amazing dress that my grandmother wore in her 20-ies, my question was - With what should I combine it? And here's the answer: a chiffon dress in floral print from the late 50-ies, modern heels in coral color and a modern headband in color. I finished the look with family jewellery - gold bracelet that I got from other grandmother, mother's earrings and a ring. Love this look and can't wait for Spring and sun to stroll like this in the streets!

Idea: T. Egorova & A. Puzova
Style: A. Puzova
Photos: T. Egorova