As you may know, according to the Chinese Horoscope each year has it's representative. And a black snake is a representative of this year. And I would say that having something in snake print, like skirt or jeans, or even a snake skin bag or shoes, will be really cool.
I, personally, have this jeans in snake print and love them so much! So today I'm wearing skinny jeans in snake print, jumper with 3/4 sleeves in mint color and knee high boots. From accessories I have two necklaces with pendants in green and purple crystal colors, watches, several bracelets, as well as a quilted satchel. The look is finished by slightly gathered hair and pink lipstick.

Look of the Day:
Vero Moda snake skin skinny jeans
Forever21 jumper
Asos CHIEF leather knee high boots
Swarovski necklace
Diamonesque necklace
CANDINO watches
Riviera bracelet
Accessorize bracelet
Liquorish quilted satchel