It's snowing today again. At least this time it can be called a proper snow. Weather, definitely, affected my look-choice today! As I'm working on my research book at home, I covered myself in mostly white and light colors.
So, I'm wearing white t-shirt with print on the back (Lilit is one of the most popular women magazines in Latvia and I'm quite proud to have such t-shirt), skinny jeans, faux fur vest and supersoft slipper boots. The look is finished by some accessories, like a necklace with secret-box pendant, watches and set of rose bracelets, as well as natural-look make-up and pink lipstick.

Look of the Day:
Lilit t-shirt
Stradivarius skinny jeans
H&M faux fur vest
Accessorize supersoft slipper boots
Accessorize necklace
Amisu bracelets
CANDINO watches