Well, the fashion design project is officially over. And now, when I have some free time and not being in a rush, I can devote a little time to get through the stages that haven't been covered here yet.
So this stage is when my fashionable sportswear collection for women was created. In my research book I made some mood boards that inspired me. The collection is based on Russia and Brazil, being the countries to hold the main sport events - Winter Olympic Games and Football World Cup. Matryoshka, fragment of St. Basil's Cathedral (Moscow), statue of Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro) - were chosen to be the main decoration elements. This is the sportswear in shiny velvet fabric and with heavy beading/prints/embroidery elements for a woman that is strong, likes herself and knows she is liked. She likes travelling around the world, but never forget about her roots.
P.S. Here I show only several pieces of the entire collection. Anyway, it's enough to set a picture and, maybe, get you interested.