This is, actually, the final stage of my design project.

Fully completed research book that helped me to create my fashion sportswear collection. I already talked about the research book in the Fashion Design Project: Step 2 post. But this is how the book looked in the end. With all the pictures, fabrics, quotes and writings. With consumer and competitor profile added. So, to remind a little, I had 3 proposed trends for A/W 2013/2014 season - Fragile Beauty, Eclectic Colours and Sportswear. As you know it already sportswear is  the trend/idea that was chosen for my collection. Love the quote of K. Hara that I added to fragile beauty board. In the consumer profile I have women whose style and personality matches my brand - from Ravshana Kurkova (Russian actress) to Beyonce. In the competitor profile I outlined the brands that create fashionable sportswear and have more or less the same concept - Ed Hardy, Denis Simachev, Juicy Couture.
P.S. Well, this is it. The only thing I guess is left - epilogue to the project.