Amazing short trip to the town of nine hills - a small and cute city called Talsi. And apart from my look for the trip, I want to share the beauty of this town with you. 

Talsi is also known as "The Town of Nine Hills", because it's located on nine hills (so the streets go up and down all the time) and around two lakes. The town itself is quite different from most of Latvian cities, there is some kind of charm that is peculiar only to Talsi... The old part of the town is very quiet and solitary, such a feeling as if you go back in time...
Fell in love with the huge building that looks like a residence of some duke or baron. Turned out that it actually was a residence of Baron von Fircks, but it's Talsi District Museum.
P.S. So enjoy this beauty and wait for a second set of photos from this cute town!