Was walking around the Old Town yesterday and realized that I had no idea there's so many cute little streets out there! And, of course, I did use a chance and took photos of my outfit in these "newly discovered" places. So, that's how I spent an early morning - walking around beautiful streets of Old Riga with a cup of my beloved latte...
What concerns the look. I chose quite muted colors, like faded rose, as well as, so-called, basic ones - black and grey-ish. Love how color of the pleated skirt matches the beading on the blazer's collar. Though, the look is elegantly-girly, shopper bag, and especially dog print, adds some playfulness to it.

Look of the Day:
Reserved top
DIVIDED by H&M pleated skirt
Zara blazer
River Island chained ballet flats
CANDINO watches
Fossil bracelet
Ted Baker DOGCON small shopper