Since I'm back to London I've been shopping quite a lot. 

Mainly, I was looking for decorations for my new nest. Can't wait to finish it and show it to you! Already love it so much! And my new view is just a dream come true! But apart from all that I did get some stuff for myself. I would call it Autumn essentials.
Finally I found a plaid shirt that really suits me. Love the color and the plaid itself. Quilted shorts and formal joggers were so cool that I couldn't resist. And the dress. It's a combination of classy LBD and eye-catchy backside. Such a lovely dress! What should I add? Hmmm... Already started to create different looks with these stuff in my mind!

Forever21 plaid shirt (same as here)
Forever21 quilted faux leather shorts (same-looking here)
H&M dress
TOPSHOP formal joggers (same as here)