Really like how cool nude colors look with bright ones. Just like in this outfit with bright orange blazer. Though the nude base is calm, orange color makes the whole combination so eye-catchy and chic.
And, of course, a slight touch of purple... You might have noticed that orange-purple was one of my favourite color mixes during the last 6 months. Don't know a reason for that. But, well. As well, I'm putting this animal print scarf in game now, will be one of my mostly used this season. Love how it works with lace and paisley print in this look. What about accessories... My choice is just a of golden set, more vintage-like that adds femininity and tenderness.

Look of the Day:
Cubus paisley print top
DIVIDED by H&M shorts
Asos Premium lace jacket
Boshimao flats
vintage bracelet
Liquorish quilted satchel