So far I haven't posted any baking recipe this month. And here's one. Quite time consuming, but incredibly delicious cheesecake!

We take: for the base - 2 packs of Selga biscuits (it's Latvian biscuit brand, suits really good for this cake), 120 g butter; filling - 500 g Mascarpone, 150 ml of sugar, 3 eggs, 1 tsp of vanilla extract, 450 g of 30% sour cream.
As well, a springform pan that is about 26 cm in diameter.

Base - grind cookies. Mix cookies and melted butter. Put the mixture into a springform pan and spread evenly. Leave the form in the fridge.
Filling - whip up Mascarpone, gradually add sugar and mix until the mixture is smooth (about 2 min.). Add eggs one by one and then vanilla extract. The last thing to add is sour cream. The filling should be well mixed. 
Then we take out the cooled form and pour the stuffing in. 
Make a water bath - pack the springform pan into the foil, to protect it from water. Carefully put the form, wrapped with foil, on a baking tray. Pour the hot water (about 1/2 the size of a cheesecake).
Put it into the preheated oven (165C) for an hour. After that switch off and leave it in the oven for one more hour. Then put in the fridge for 4 hours. You can decorate cheesecake. I, for example, did use strawberries. It looks really delicious!

За этот месяц я еще не поделилась ни одним рецептом. И вот, как раз, один. Довольно хлопотный, но безумно вкусный чизкейк!