Super big photo post of my super long Sunday walk. I walked a distance of 10 km (some 6.5 miles) from Pumpuri to Bulduri and have to admit that it was worth it! Fresh air, nice weather and our Latvian seaside. I love Jurmala and it will always be a special place for me.
I used to spend every Summer in this town, but now it's just kind of occasional visits... And every time I find something that's new to me in this place. This Sunday was the last time I had a chance to visit Jurmala this Autumn, as I'm leaving for London already (!!!) on Friday. So, yeah, I'm full of energy, fresh ideas and looking forward to see you, my lovely city, really-really soon!
What about my outfit choice for such a challenging walk? Some comfortable, yet cool and bright stuff. It's like a combination of flowers and sea wave - of course, I'm talking about floral print and blue-ish colors. And natural look for hairstyle and make-up.

Look of the Day:
Toyo Menka floral tunic
Stradivarius jeans
REDIAL jacket
River Island chained ballet flats