This post would better be called - a day around my neighbourhood... But, I guess, it's better use same heading for the photo-posts about London. To have a so-called series.
As you already understood, this photo-post is about some cool and interesting spots around my local area. It's Brick Lane, Spitalfields Market, The Gherkin, Fashion Street and my university, and some other places. Speaking about Fashion street and Marangoni. I'm officially back for my last university year from today. Though it's hard to get back after such a long holiday, I'm still excited.
And a bit of Shoreditch, the neighbouring district, that is crazy, funky and totally different from other London areas. Got to love it thanks to my Nastushka. We always have fun times out there. I should, definitely, dedicate a special post to Shoreditch. 
So, enjoy this London for now!

Photos: A. Puzova