I couldn't wait or not write this post at all. 

I'm so happy and excited about the fact that I finally met my dearest Daria from dariayurkova.com ! Haven't seen her for 2 years! Though we keep in touch, real communication is irreplaceable. So, on her way from Canada to Dubai, she visited London and me just for a couple of hours. 
My Dashuk did come with some gifts from Canada. I'm in love with all of them! It's a super cool Fashion Lookbook and now I can master my drawing skills, write some notes or even get inspiration from this book. It's an astonishing sugar maple necklace (this leave is a symbol of Canada)! A truly autumn-ish accessory! And it's a bear figurine. Small and cute. Perfectly matches my other stuff. Thank you, my love, for such great gifts.
It's so good to know that on the other side of this planet I have such a lovely person!