As I promised, here's the first post about my hometown - Riga. I decided to start our trip with Art Nouveau (more familiar to Germans as Jugendstil, to French as Art Nouveau, to Spanish as Modernismo, to Austrians as Sezessionsstil, etc...) district, because that's the reason why city is always flooded with tourists. And as I leave just a couple of minutes away from this street, I do see groups of Germans, French, Spanish and many others walking around, taking pictures and listening to the guide with extreme attention. Art Nouveau appeared in Europe in the end of XIX - beginning of XX centuries and, of course, left its mark in Riga as well. There's around 800 building in Riga in this style, but I want to concentrate on one particular street, it's Alberta street. This street has the most beautiful pieces of Jugendstil in town. All the attributes are here - sphinxes, griffins, heads of Medusa, figures of eagles and lions... What I'm telling. You can check it out on your own!

Photos: A. Puzova