This photo-post is not about architecture or some historical facts. It's just about the beauty. The beauty of Riga. I made this photos in early Autumn, just before returning to London. And I eventually realized that the city is incredibly stunning in this time. Well, streets are even more gorgeous when the real Autumn is in town, you know, with all those fallen leaves and last warm rays of the sun... Never thought of it. Autumn is completely different here, in London.
So, I made some photos of parks and squares. Love the one that is near Latvian National Opera. The fountain and colorful square make the Opera house look more charming. 
Now let me tell you one legend. When I was little my mum told me a story... That there once was a guard that used to protect our house, but then he fell asleep and got petrified. And it is believed that some day he will wake up. Still remember how I was fascinated by this story back then. The tale is about the figure from the last photo, by the way.
P.S. There's a lot more photos, stories and facts to come. So will see you next weekend to continue our trip!

Photos: A. Puzova