Is there someone out there who doesn't like gifts? Not me. 

I love everything about gifts - giving them and, of course, receiving. This one I got from my most favourite German girl in the whole entire world! Sure she knows about my passion towards sweets and chocolate, that's why I have two sets of chocolate (!!!). The reason I made this post is, actually, some kind of fetish that my friends have. Over the last year I received so much shower/bath stuff, like cute and delicious-smelling soaps, bath and body care sets... And now this super cool shower gel. My loves just pamper me. And I do really like being pampered! Oh... By the way, the green colored piece of soap is from STENDERS. It's quite a well-known Latvian brand that specializes in bath and body cosmetics. If you have never tried their stuff, you definitely should. And it's one more reason to visit Latvia!
P.S. Yes, I'm the biggest sweet lover in the world. And what am I doing now, while writing this post?