First term of my final year is over. YAYYYY! Wasn't the easiest one. By a fluke (of course it was not), my assignment work was about Paul Smith, the brand and the designer himself, the one whose exhibition is now showcased in the Design Museum. During a visit to one of Paul Smith's stores, and here I should say that PS stores are worth visiting, I bought this book "Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith". I honestly thought that the book will help me in my assignment, well, it did... a little. The book, in turn, introduced me to the world of Mr. Paul Smith that didn't dream of becoming a designer or building an iconic British brand. No, I'm not going to write Smith's life story here, everything is written in the book. You can easily find hundreds of articles about designer's life, if you just type the name and click search. I just want to say that this man is extremely inspiring. After 40 years in fashion, Smith and his brand are still on top. Not the commercial top, as many other fashion brands or designers. I mean a real top. Paul Smith built his own brand from nothing, the book just shows how intelligent he is as a man, talented as a designer and professional as a businessman. 
What shall I add? If I ever have a chance to work for this man or his brand, I think I'll be super lucky. 

About a book:
Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith
by P. Smith, D. Sudjic, D. Loveday and A. Aboud
Rizzoli International Publications