I already took you on a virtual tour around my city, but I totally forgot to mention the fact that in 2014 Riga will be European Capital of Culture. Something is telling me that it's gonna be an amazing year. I'm so excited about that and proud of Riga. 
So, yeah, lately I've been doing a lot of research for my university about Latvia, Riga, it's retail and fashion industry, and even the idea of my Honours Project involves Riga... well, during the research I found these two videos dedicated to RIGA - 2014 (Summer and Winter versions). And I had to share them with you. I find both of it so cool and inspiring. Though, my favourite one is Winter version. Looks like I'm already in Winter-Riga-mood!
P.S. I supported the post with some beautiful photos by T. Egorova.

Photos: T. Egorova