Looks like my latest looks - from last week - had something in common. In each of it I used sweaters (though the first one had cardigan, but it's still knitwear). This outfit is not an exception. By the way, YES, I got a fluffy sweater! I, actually, got two of them and pretty soon you'll have a chance to see the second one. I found the color of this one super gorgeous. So I did pair the sweater with pencil skirt. For some reason sweater and pencil/tube skirt combination is kind of a trend now. Biker boots, coat with fur collar and a couple of accessories and voila! The look is finished.

Look of the Day:
Atmosphere fluffy sweater
Zara pencil skirt
Red Herring biker boots
Forever21 statement necklace
Aldo full finger ring
Fiorelli Belinda Grab handbag
Zara Trafaluc wool coat