Bloody Winter

December 19, 2013

I will never get enough of this coat! It's so perfect. And the color... It's like a piece of shine in such dull Winter days. Saw a couple of girls in the streets of Riga wearing same kind of coats, in red color I mean, and need to admit that it's an amazing choice for Winter season. The coat matches casual styles so well. Just like this one. A combination of simple skinnies, sweater and a pair of boots. Remember this sweater with lips embellishment? So basic and still lovely. It was an unexpected, but such a good find. Just made a couple of new looks with it in my mind. 

Look of the Day:
H&M lips sweater
Atmosphere skinny jeans
Asos CHIEF leather knee high boots
New Look croc print flap saddle
CANDINO watches
Fossil bracelet
Zara Trafaluc wool coat


  1. Салют! из Москвы пишут. У Вас много фотографий себя. было бы приятно увидеть и город и что вокруг происходит. Вы интересная личность потому и советую, нам бы было интересно

    1. Привет, Москва!)) спасибо за совет. буду думать!