The last day of the year 2013. Took some time to think about this year. Looking at my blog-diary (that’s how I’m gonna call it now) I should say things changed and improved. I added new stuff to the blog, like baking recipes and photo-posts. Hopefully, you did enjoy it. Now I’m thinking of introducing something new. Looking back at this year’s looks, I can see some changes in my style and I’m happy about it.
Well, what can I say... This is the post 342, what means that I was blogging on a daily basis this year. That’s a really good achievement. I’m supporting this post with the best moments, from my opinion, of the year.
I want to wish you all a really happy New Year. May the upcoming year bring a lot of joy and sun into your life. Set new goals to yourself and do achieve it!
I’m pretty sure that the new year will be even better and more exciting. Firstly, in just 5 months I will finish university and enter the world as a professional. Secondly... Secondly, I’ll let you know about changes, when the time comes.  

Photos: T. Egorova & A. Puzova