A Time of Gifts

January 5, 2014

This time of the year... 

Time of giving gifts and receiving it. Though the main gift will be waiting for me in London on Thursday, that's some little lovely stuff that I got over the last couple of days. And here you can find everything that I adore. First of all, of course, it's chocolate, sweets and cookies. COOP cookies with something similar to M&Ms pieces are just heaven! Tried it once half a year ago, as my friend brought it from Denmark, and was dreaming about it all this time! Secondly, it's the bath/shower stuff, like bath balls and shower soap. I guess, I already mentioned once how much I adore all this cute and delicious smelling thing-ies. Especially, if it's Latvian cosmetic brand STENDERS. Their Amber and 24 Carat Gold lines are just amazing! What else... Oh, got some amazing stuff that, definitely, will add some twist to my future looks. The hat and the scarf with flower-looking detail will look perfect. And the socks with reindeers will only warm me up during cold Winter nights. Am so pleased with all this cuties and yammies! Thank you so much, loves!

Photos: A. Puzova

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