If you remember, a few months ago I told you about Paul Smith and the book about him. 

In case you don't or haven't seen that post - it's just right HERE. Since then I didn't come across Paul Smith. Till yesterday, when I visited an exhibition dedicated to him at the Design Museum. And this thanks to my flatmate that is studying Product Design and got interested in the exhibition. 
What can I say about the exhibition... It's incredible, it's interesting and it's inspiring. It's a unique insight into the world of Paul Smith. All the notes made under the sketches by Paul Smith himself, all the explanations on the walls from Paul Smith himself, the room filled with monitors showing Mr. Smith - it all created a feeling as if Paul Smith was actually out there. I was amazed by him back then and am amazed even more now. How a single person can create such a world around him? How an individual can have so many ideas in his head? How a person who went that far in his career, still remembers how it all started and is still proud of all that? And it all started with a super small (you can't even imagine how small) store room and just a hotel room in one of Parisian hotels that served as a showroom. But the most important is that it all started thanks to Paul Smith's wife, Pauline. "Without her, none of this would have happened." How do they say, behind every great man there's a great woman. And Paul Smith is the best confirmation of this saying. 
So, guys, if you haven't visited the exhibition yet, you should definitely do it. 

Photos: A. Puzova

What? Exhibition "Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith"
Where? Design Museum London
When? 15 November 2013 - 9 March 2014