Took a couple of days off from blogging, but am back now. This week was pretty busy as I had to pass my driving test that I, actually, did from the first try (a really good start of 2014) and then it was all about packing for London. Well, though I was a few days late and missed lectures at university, I had a chance to spend my Christmas with family. As I am Orthodox and members of my family are either Orthodox or Old Believers, our Christmas is on January 7th. 
Talking about my special Christmas look... Here I decided to play with prints and, as you see, it's paisley, floral and animal ones. And the prints did look absolutely fabulous together. Should I add that I'm totally in love with this pencil skirt? Totally adore that it's not a simple pencil skirt, but has floral pattern on it, it does add some coolness. In terms of color, the outfit was based on a combination of black and white, as well as some red accents... I just realized that I do add red color to, at least, most of my monochrome looks.  I guess, it happens unconsciously. Anyway, I did finish the look off by adding some accessories and simple hairstyle of low ponytail.

Look of the Day:
Cubus paisley print top
Asos embossed pencil skirt with zips
Sugarfree shoes heeled ankle boots