In continuation of the previous post - "Sherlock Holmes: Celebrating 160 years" 

I decided to create a separate one to talk about the fashion of Sherlock's times and see how the participants of costume parade did interpret it. 
Just to make it clear, the main action of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson's partnership takes place around early 1880-s and the very beginning of the 20th century (around 1904). It was Victorian Era - a time period between 1830-s to 1901, when Queen Victoria was ruling England. She herself was the representer of the Victorian fashion, so when she died in 1901, Victorian style died with her. I'm not going to give the full description of the Victorian style here, as it will take hours to study/describe it from A to Z. Moreover, the Victorian Era fashion requires a really in depth understanding, which, unfortunately, I don't possess.
Talking about women's fashion of the late Victorian Era (1880s-1900s). The dress was worn in two pieces, bodice and skirt, but later on women started wearing tailored suits as well that consisted of jacket, skirt and blouse. In terms of accessories, hats were the most import part of the women's outfit and were decorated, most usually, with birds. Mantles, gloves, jewelry, large brooches, boas with feathers or fur were really big at that time. 
Male's fashion of the Victorian Era was much simpler, as it was a time of a lounge suit (or simply, man's suit as we knot it now). Jacket, trousers and waistcoat were made of the same fabric. Low top hat and bowler hat were an essential part of gentleman's look.
Looking back at the participants of the costume parade dedicated to the 160th Birthday of Sherlock Holmes. It was, probably, much easier for men to portray Conan Doyle's characters, as all they needed was a lounge suit, not always in the same fabric or pattern, though, and a bowler or low top hat. Checked or striped pattern and you do look like a real British gentleman. Whereas ladies had to play hard with accessories, especially, hats, gloves and jewelry. It's understandable that women do not have two piece dresses in their wardrobes nowadays. Anyway, I did like the decorated hats that ladies were wearing. 
If I had to choose one or even a couple of looks that I liked the most, I wouldn't be able to do that. I think that all the participants made such a great job and it was such a show. So, in case you want to participate or attend this celebration next year, follow the official website of the event. 

Official Website:
Photos: T. Egorova
Idea & Concept: PR-Linija

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