This post was supposed to be here a month ago. 

But studies come first. And I am less than two months closer to the end of all this chaos. By chaos I really mean chaos. Fashion Business students out there know what I mean.
Lets talk now about some pleasant stuff. Like shopping, clothes, shoes and Victoria's Secret. 
Will start with shoes. And here I have 3 (currently) favorite pairs - trainers, flats and high heels. The essentials of lady's shoe collection. White Converse were around for some time now, but I just kept postponing the moment of purchase. Well, here they are among the rest. In case with flats I decided to go for something simple, but in bright color. I don't need to comment on my love towards red color, right? Moving on to the heels... To tell the truth, these are the most comfortable heels ever had in my life! And I totally love the style, I'll call it opened ankle boots. Modern with a twist and can be worn 24/7 (no jokes). 
Mmm, Victoria's Secret. What am I supposed to say about lingerie? I guess, the name speaks for itself. Yes, it's cool, super girly and comfy. Some bright colors and prints are spotted. Well, it's Spring! 

 H&M flats