Starting this week with a little talk about the most important Summer accessories. 

Hats and sunglasses are not only about sun protection. During the Summer season it can be the best and even the only accessory used to add some twist to the outfit. Hats, hats, hats... I have three for now - panama, bowler with barely noticeable kitten ears and fedora. Despite the fact that all of them are straw ones, styles are completely different. And few words about sunglasses. Surprisingly, but I have three pairs, same amount as hats. In this case my choice was more based on color preference, I guess. Nude and black sunglasses happened to be of the same style, though the effect is opposite due to the color. The golden details were exactly the thing that draw my attention. Third ones are more basic, lets say it's something that goes well with everything, and, yes, it's in animal print. No comments on that. 
Some of these pieces have already been used by me, others, in turn, are still waiting for the perfect timing. 

Straw Panama Hat H&M
Straw Bowler Hat Reserved 
Straw Fedora Hat H&M
All sunglasses H&M